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  1. A.A. Witherspoon

    Win7 VM busy with updates

    Hello, This is the message that I've received from SDE. I've already have the important (and not optional) updates in place for Win7 64bit OS, furthermore I've already powered down the VM. I'm not sure why this is the issue at hand? Is there a certain time frame I need to wait from SDE to have this mitigated? Also, I'm currently running the SDE ver. 2.0.3000
  2. A.A. Witherspoon

    SD not capturing image

    Hello, I'm receiving the same error message of not being able to mount to virtual volume when attempting to capture a Win10 image. I'm currently using the SDE 2.0.3000.
  3. Hello, I wasn't sure if anyone could assist me in this regards of this error message. It's a Win10 vm (running SDE 2.0.2097)