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  1. Hello, As part of my evaluation for SmartWim im trying to understand this case: Here are some points for clarification: We are using real PC in terms of creating WIM file for the partition C:\ (System OS – Windows 10) We want to discuss the next scenario Day 1 – we capture WIM file of partition C: - base WIM Day…10 – we performed some changes on this partition and delete a list of files from different paths. In other terms “Day 10” partition has less files comparing to base WIM. We create .dwm file, that SHOULD reflect the diff between base Day1 and Day10 partition file structure. We append .dwm file to base WIM (meaning now we have 2 indexes in the single base WIM Now we are going reimage partition C:\ on the destination PC : apply Index 1 (base WIM) apply Index 2 (.dwm) to the same partition What should we expect in this case on final C:\ partition? Real situation Day 1 Base WIM: Day 10 Folder TEST1 Folder TEST1 Files: Files: 1.txt 1.txt 2.txt deleted 3.txt 3.txt We assume that folder TEST1 on destination C:\ partition will contain all 3 files 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt Is our assumption correct? Please confirm. Of course we expect this TEST1 folder after partition reimaging will contain: 1.txt deleted 3.txt
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