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    I see it now, thank for pointing that out... I have always used the wds.iso that was provided initially 2.5 yrs ago now
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    Good Morning Everyone, I have a Win10 v1709 Image built, and having a hell of a time with trying to capture it... when trying to use the wds.iso I have had for many releases up til now it has worked fine to perform the Warm Image Capture as out outlined here on Page 76 in the user guide I noticed on my server that runs the Smart Deploy it doesnt list the SmartDeploy.iso as mentioned by Support to use in the \Program Files(x86)\Smart Deploy\*.* directory anywhere.... So am wondering if there is a newer updated version I can obtain that would help, since currently I get a error that says "Image not created with Smart Deploy Capture Wizard" when trying to use for the Answer File and then cant continue and bombs out the process... And the Capture Wizard is not working either... and it isnt mounted on the server in the background processes at all, as I have run the following commands and it comes up clean: To troubleshoot the issue regarding the error and unmounting; Please send me the output from the following commands run from the server elevated command console prompt: dism /get-mountedwiminfo dism /get-mountedimageinfo If anything is listed; run dism /cleanup-mountpoints I am using the latest build of 2.0.2097 Enterprise