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    Migration Stuck/Paused

    Update: It's now 12:38p and the USMT.MIG file has finally progressed to the expected value of 3.9GB. The client computer has also progressed to the "cleaning volume 1 of 1" stage. So, does anyone have any input on what caused the delay? Hi, I've been testing the Deployment and migration parts of SDE on a few computers and one seems to be stuck uploading the backup data. The computer began the deployment process just fine, rebooted into Smart Deploy, and began "migrating user". I watched as the USMT.MIG file on the server climbed to 2.4GB at 11:05am. Now, at 12PM, the file has not increased and the computer has not progressed to the next stage. Is there something I can do to force the machine to progress? Would this introduce a chance of data loss? Can I restart the machine with no ill effects? If yes, what do I need to delete to re-run the deployment? I assume the server's copy of the MIG as well as the local client copy? There are no log files pertaining to the old or new computer name. Answer file snippet regarding Migration settings is below: <migration> <protected_folder>Backup</protected_folder> <virtualization_platform /> <create_desktop_shortcut>false</create_desktop_shortcut> <files_to_exclude /> <usmt_migration>true</usmt_migration> <migrate_user_settings>true</migrate_user_settings> <migrate_application_settings>true</migrate_application_settings> <migrate_documents>true</migrate_documents> <hardlink_migration /> <network_migration>true</network_migration> <hardlink_migration_path /> <network_migration_path>\\[SERVER_NAME]\c$\_smartdeploybackupspace</network_migration_path> </migration>
  2. engmanredbeard

    Computer Management

    Hi, Why would the Smart Deploy Enterprise Client not install during the imaging process even if it's configured in the answer file? I get a "smart deploy" service when the process is done, but not "Smart Deploy Enterprise Client". Is there any way to force a client to make a heartbeat to the console when you only have the "smart deploy" service?