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  1. Hey all, i need to enable TPM on laptops. For one older, i need to enable it from Windows. I have found a way to enable it through PowerShell with this command : Initialize-Tpm -AllowClear -AllowPhysicalPresence After applying it, the computer reboot and prompt me with F1 key to reset TPM and after that i can enable Bitlocker. I am looking for an option to call PowerShell script that can be executed on FirstBoot process. I created a batch file that call ps1 (PowerShell.exe -command c:\Platform\TPM\TPM.ps1) but the script seems to not applied. Any idea or better way?
  2. Hey Jeff, tkx for your tips but it doesn't work. <regional_settings> <time_zone>(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)</time_zone> <input_locale> <ui_language>fr-CA</ui_language> <system_locale>fr-CA</system_locale> <user_locale>fr-CA</user_locale> <input_locale>fr-CA</input_locale> </input_locale> </regional_settings>
  3. Yes, i set it to French Canada. But when i deployed my image, 3 new keyboards appear : 1 - French (france) - Francais 2 - French (Canada) - English (Canada) 3 - English (Canada) I set only (French Canada) - French (Canada) in VM as you can see in my images. I want to have (French Canada) - French (Canada) and not French (Canada) - English (Canada) in every settings without the 2 other ones.
  4. Hey guys, i'm tring to figure out how to set my keyboard for all user and Welcome screen in my answer file. Can you tell me how to set Fr-CA in my image deployement! See images, sorry for french part tkx
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