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  1. Imaging brand new pc

    I have a dozen brand new computers that have never been turned on so the SmartDeploy client isn't installed. I want to PXE boot these computers to the network and have a package be deployed to the computer. Where are the steps to do this in the manual? I have already created 2 deployment packages for testing, but I don't see where to get a new computer to find the package and install
  2. I built a package with an answer file that is supposed to be unattended. The particular machine I am working with does not have a platform pack as all needed drivers are built into Windows 10 (HP Folio 13). In the middle of the "unattended" deployment it stops to tell me there is no platform pack for this machine and asks if I want to continue anyway. Is there a way to prevent this? I really want the entire process unattended. Thanks
  3. Win 10 Fall Creator's Update in place upgrade on ref image?

    I agree with eburnett. I"d like to have SmartDeploy installed on a server (always on) but be able to run a console from my desktop and create media to the USB drive at my desk rather than in the server room. Also, like for SDE to recognize fully being installed on a drive other than C:\ (And Windows adksetup installed on a drive other than c:\