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  1. Yes I was referring to the Antivirus licensing, not Smart Deploy licensing. Your response is what I figured. Thank you.
  2. Out of curiosity, is there a way to execute a command or script BEFORE the computer shuts down and boots into Windows PE? What I would like to do is run a silent uninstall of the Antivirus software before shutting down and going into Windows PE for imaging. This would eliminate me having to go log into the AV management console and remove the computer manually. What happens is after I apply a new image to a computer I run a script on first boot to install the antivirus. The management console doesn't care that it's the same computer name and IP, it just creates a new entry with a unique identifier during installation. So now in the management console I have duplicate entries of the same computer name and it uses up two licenses now until I delete the old entry.
  3. Is there no work-around that you guys have discovered, aside from a user having to rebuild a profile or rebuild the image?
  4. Hours of work went into building my reference VM. I can't just wipe out and recreate user profiles every time I re-image a computer, that defeats the purpose of migrating the user data. There ought to be a way to fix the profile itself without recreating it. On a side note, I verified using a test account that wiping the profile and starting new does, in fact, fix it for that user.
  5. I am at my wits' end right now! I have been messing around with this and trying so many different things to get this to work, but no dice. After deploying an image to a computer, users are unable to open the calculator app. This is kind of a big deal for them. I've been Googling all day and tried it all. I've mostly been concentrating on figuring out how to get it to work post-deployment. For local and domain administrator accounts I can run a Powershell script to make it work - for that user only. It doesn't fix it for all the users of the computer. If anyone has run into this and has a way to resolve the problem, please let me know! I could really use some help here.
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