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  1. That is what I was hoping and figuring. However, when going through the create media wizard, trying to create standard network deployment media (testing out the cloud deployment today, even just within my own network) I get asked to specify platform packs that locally live on the server. However, I've already uploaded this platform pack to the cloud as a part of my cloud deployment package. Why does it ask me for the platform packs locally?
  2. Thanks for the quick response Jeff! In regards to that ~500 MB file; what actually is contained in that file? Is it just the SmartPE + Answer file? If so, my question really was, where is the actual image + platform pack being transferred from, if I've already uploaded my deployment package to the cloud? So we have this on-site hub. But eventually we'd like to move away from having a centralized server, and just be able to upload cloud packages, and initially deploy using SmartPE USB sticks pulling that cloud package. However, with this, still have the functionality that if the client is working remotely and has an issue, I can initiate a reimage that pulls everything from that cloud package.
  3. With the new cloud deployment available, will we be able to leverage that across networks? Of course initially we'd have to image on the original network even using the cloud deployment but I'm wondering, after initial imaging, would we be able to pull up the console, pull up the machine in the computer management list, right click on the machine and schedule a deployment, even if they are off of the original network? As of right now, even with the cloud package set up, if I schedule a deployment, what package does that pull? The one on my SmartDeploy "server" or the one that I've cloud uploaded already?
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