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  1. I have tested the image with some other models and it is working fine. My image gets deployed, computer joins the domain, add a "tech support group to Local admin", install AV and install office if the computer is laptop. This has been working fine for the models I have tested, some Lenovo and some HP. But the HP Probook 6470b never run any of these tasks. Any suggestions?
  2. I think I have found the problem. McAfee is blocking CAPTUREWIZARD.EXE
  3. Had issues this morning when trying to create a new media. An error occurred while mounting the image file. Media wizard will now close So, I decided to capture my image again and now I get this. I have been using this image for days now and had no issues. Trying to capture an image and am geeting this error: Capturevirtualdisks. Capture returned 5. Access denied I opened a ticket with SmartDeploy this morning, sent log files but had no response yet.
  4. Hi Joseph, I am trying to do something similar. I have a powershell script that will check the chassi, if it is a laptop it will install Office on it. I have saved my installation files to local drive. Can I just call my power script from the Task command line like this: powershell.exe -NOprofile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File C:\windows\software\Officeinstall.ps1 I am also doing this using the first boot option, so it should run as "system".
  5. Placing application packs on a USB would be a must. As for my situation, I will have to create two images, one with Office and one without. That kind defeats the idea of Gold Image. With that said, can I save\capture two differen images to the USB drive? It would be one with Office and one without and how to I deploy/select the image to be installed?
  6. My question is how do I add the application pack to media during the media creation wizard? We have the option to select and add platform pack but I don't see an opton to add the application pack.
  7. In my organization, by default, desktops won't have office installed unless is required. Laptops always have office installed. What I would like to do is to have one Gold image, no office installed and using the application package load office if the pc being imaged is a laptop. Is it possible? I have built an Office application pack and created a filter that will check if the computer is laptop ( Haven't tested yet). Also my office install is customized, so I added the parameters to the run command to use my MSP.
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