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  1. After downloading the latest version for 1809, I still have a failure at sysprep when deploying to a new machine.
  2. Yes, I was able to deploy the image using the same media to another device, and I did include the platform pack for the device.
  3. I am having an issue where I attempt to deploy to a target computer using deployment media. When I try to deploy, I get an error that says one piece of memory referenced another, and that the memory could not be read. I can then exit out, but it stops the deployment and reboots the computer. Is there any way to fix this? The logs are attached to this post. MININT-QBHP464.Logs.zip
  4. I am unsure. I haven't attempted that yet as my fix described in my first post managed to resolve the issue for me, so I never attempted to create a new profile. However, I can say that I captured another image and the Windows Store Apps were working fine. The difference between the two, however, was that one has Microsoft Office installed, while the other doesn't.
  5. I did create a brand new Windows 10 VM from the 1803 iso file. I downloaded the iso file using the Media Creation Tool. The operating system I'm currently using is Windows 10 Pro. The Deploy.log is attached to this post. Thank you for your help! Deploy.log
  6. I've had this happen a few times. My solution is to try the cold capture method twice, let it error out both times, and then attempt the warm capture method. It has always fixed the issue for me after that.
  7. I downloaded the latest version of SmartDeploy, rebuilt the image entirely, updated every app in the Microsoft Store, ran all Windows Updates, captured the image again, created new boot media, and redeployed the fresh image. I still got broken apps. This time, it was a little worse because other apps that had never broken before (such as the weather app) were now broken, and the default apps were even swapping to something called TWINUI. Did I miss a step somewhere? It didn't seem fixed from my experience.
  8. I have finally discovered a workaround for the issue where Microsoft Store Apps break when you deploy an image! All you need to do is go into the Cortana search bar and search for the app that is broken, such as Calculator. Once you do that, open it from there. The program will open normally and from there on out, and you can then view it in the start menu. I hope this helps someone. This has saved me loads of time.
  9. I found a work-around for this! Search in the Cortana Search for Calculator. It will pull right up and work just as normal after you open it from there! This works for the Microsoft Store and also works for any app that is broken in that manner. It will show up in the Start Menu correctly too!
  10. I have deployed this image before. It does not have anti-virus on the software. There are no pending updates, and it was shut down using the command. Essentially, the only thing that has changed is that I downloaded and installed the new version of SmartDeploy compatible with Windows 1803. Once that was used to build the Answer Files and Deployment media, it caused problems.
  11. I'm attempting to deploy a 1709 image to a computer, but every time I attempt to deploy it, I receive an unexpected error and it stops deploying. There is no code or explanation. I have attached the logs to this post for reference. Thank you. MININT-D216OK8.Logs.zip
  12. So in other words, if I have a VM that has 15+ individually installed programs on it and I want to deploy a new version of Windows 10, I will have to just build the VM brand new and re-install all of those programs?
  13. I'm having an issue where the machine name isn't being kept when attempting to build a new answer file. I can capture the image just fine, but the name that I give the image doesn't stay, and when I attempt to select the wim file when creating a new answer file, the name isn't there anymore and I can't proceed because it says I need to specify a name for the image file. I have attempted both kinds of captures and I can't seem to get it to work no matter what I do. Is anyone else having this same problem?
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