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  1. Is there a way to push out via the SD Console items to the Start Menu? I want to push out Google FIle Stream to this location %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  2. Hi- not in an active directory environment yet- is there a way to set Chrome as the default browser on my golden image for all users? So after my image deploys- when the admin account logs in to install our antivirus software a bunch of messages come up that the default app was reset. Basically its always back to Edge and Microsoft Mail instead of my mail client. What would I have to do to set those and make them stick? I copied default user already- items such as those mentioned do not stick thank you
  3. Thank you- I will look into the task Unfortunately not a group policy option yet- next fall..not now 😞
  4. Hello I can set my screen timeout on my virtual machine but I need to set the hard disk settings for power and I can't seem to get that to work on my image. School setting- I set HD to never- screen power 45 min. I want it to be part of my golden image but can't get it to stick suggestions? using vm ware player 14- not pro version Thanks
  5. Hi- Updating this the defprof.exe has worked for me https://www.forensit.com/support-downloads.html
  6. Hello New to using SmartDeploy but also new to deploying Windows 10. How do I copy a default profile in Windows 10? We are a Novell environment so I need to be able to copy the default profile on my master image. I used to use a tool in Windows 7 called Windows Enabler. Any suggestions are appreciated, besides saying move to an Active Directory environment. ? Thank you
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