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  1. Hi I have a piece of software that needs a txt file installed under C/programfiles\Sketchup in order for it to be licensed. Is this doable within SmartDeploy? We have created an application pack to push the software down- but we need to add the license file as well Thank you
  2. I started another topic on this- I have Meraki switches at this site-- I was able to push out the exact same app package at another site
  3. Hi are there any known issues with Cisco Meraki switches and using SmartDeploy to push out Applications?
  4. Hi Trying to push out an application. I am getting this message and the package fails: Unable to connect to remote Computer, Ensure this computer is not managed by another Console. I assure you it is not- I have uninstalled the client and reinstalled verifying it is connected to my console. Once that occures my machine is then gray in the console. It does try to repush it out and fails again. The desktop is a WIndows 10/64 bit PC on Active Directory Under Services there is a process that is "starting" but does not seem to ever complete starting. Its the SmartDeploy service- Enables the launch of tasks with admin privileges. Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I updated to the Smartdeploy release but now all of my desktops have orange indicators that they have an old client version. How do I get the new client version to all of my desktops? Thank you
  6. Is there a way to push out via the SD Console items to the Start Menu? I want to push out Google FIle Stream to this location %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  7. Hi- not in an active directory environment yet- is there a way to set Chrome as the default browser on my golden image for all users? So after my image deploys- when the admin account logs in to install our antivirus software a bunch of messages come up that the default app was reset. Basically its always back to Edge and Microsoft Mail instead of my mail client. What would I have to do to set those and make them stick? I copied default user already- items such as those mentioned do not stick thank you
  8. Thank you- I will look into the task Unfortunately not a group policy option yet- next fall..not now 😞
  9. Hello I can set my screen timeout on my virtual machine but I need to set the hard disk settings for power and I can't seem to get that to work on my image. School setting- I set HD to never- screen power 45 min. I want it to be part of my golden image but can't get it to stick suggestions? using vm ware player 14- not pro version Thanks
  10. Hi- Updating this the defprof.exe has worked for me https://www.forensit.com/support-downloads.html
  11. Hello New to using SmartDeploy but also new to deploying Windows 10. How do I copy a default profile in Windows 10? We are a Novell environment so I need to be able to copy the default profile on my master image. I used to use a tool in Windows 7 called Windows Enabler. Any suggestions are appreciated, besides saying move to an Active Directory environment. ? Thank you
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