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    Problems deploying from USB

    That worked! The image is still being deployed, but I can already tell the issue has been resolved. Thank you
  2. I have successfully deployed around 50 machines from a USB drive. Today I tried to reimage one of those machines. I created new boot media from SD version 2.0.3005. The first time I tried deploying from this I didn't see the problem in time and my USB drive was overwritten. I had to fix the drive which now had a hidden partition (reformatting by itself was not enough) and then prepare the boot media again. When I booted from the USB, the computer (Dell Latitude 7480) shows the USB drive as being local storage (C:\) and the existing Windows as being Boot (X:\). The USB drive apparently tried imaging itself, destroying the drive contents. I have tried changing BIOS settings to get around this, but so far it seems to continue that way.
  3. Jeff C

    Problems deploying from USB

    Thank you, I will give that a try and reply with the results.
  4. I have deployed 50 OEM Windows 10 machines without a VL. What I noticed is that a few machines were activated immediately, whereas others had to be online for anywhere from 24-72 hours before they would activate. But everyone of them did eventually activate with the OEM license.