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  1. We are trying to update the drivers for multiple computers from the SmartDeploy console. We click on one computer and then press the SHIFT key and then click again to highlight about 30 computers in the console, right-click and expand "Update Drivers", then we click on "Schedule". We select a time to update the drivers and after we click OK, we get this error message: Do you know if there is a solution for this issue? Thanks
  2. Our issue is different from what was recommended above. We needed to deploy keyboard languages, not Start Menu Layouts or Taskbar layouts. Our solution for this issue is not ideal but it works for our needs: We deploy registry keys that have the hex code value for that language to each of the computers through GPO. All Asian keyboard languages arrive broken, but we have some technicians manually add them back through the new Windows Settings app. This seems to be the only way to automate the process from our few weeks of testing. It is unfortunate that the new updates to sysprep broke the Default Profile capabilities. Hopefully in the future this functionality can return in some form or way.
  3. Thanks for the thorough answer Glenn! We are thinking we will try to deploy input languages through group policy like you recommended and see if that can working for our requirements.
  4. Hi! Previously we had images in SmartDeploy that had Windows 10 keyboard languages available on the taskbar for all users that logged onto the computer. We achieved this by installing the keyboard languages on an administrator profile and then copying the user settings to the Default profile. When we upgraded SmartDeploy to the latest version, it seems all of our deployments are losing these keyboard languages. After deployment, when we check in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload" in any profile, there are no entries. In our reference VM, the entries are all there. We really need to get this functionality back into our images! Computer that was recently reimaged with SmartDeploy: Computer that was imaged with SmartDeploy before the upgrade: Was there something changed in the way sysprep was done or something like that? Thanks!
  5. Yes, SmartDeploy is now on the C:\ drive. We do have new Ref VMs listed below that are working just fine. New Ref VMs get added normally but these [Unknown] instances will not go away.
  6. A while back we migrated the SmartDeploy console to a different drive and now the Reference Machines list is filled with instances of [Unknown] point to old path locations that no longer exist. When we try to remove them from the list, we get an "Object reference not set to an object" error message. Is there a way to clean up this list?
  7. We had the same issue with our VM. I believe we fixed it by copying the folder of the VM to a location on the desktop, then booting into the VM, shutting it down through the command prompt, and then importing it.
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