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  1. #SDE00010030 - HP Sure Recovery after first boot (LogFile Attached)
  2. Good Morning, We get a HP Sure Recovery message first boot after a successful image. This has been happening, I just got used to using the workaround, which is ESC in HP Sure Recovery window, F2 in "BootDevice Not Found" window and Exit in "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI" Window. After that, Windows will load normally. Is there anyway not to see that HP Sure Recovery window? We have TPM turned off and Legacy enabled. Thank you... JM
  3. Amazing... I don't have to go through the xml file to change which I want to show. Thank you.
  4. Can I install the client post-image?
  5. Yes, copy and paste the ppks from your ppk folder or from the Z folder of a previous imaging stick. Another way is to create a new Reference Machine. Most likely you're creating an image from an updated reference machine. I hope that helps.
  6. I'm currently using a fresh 1803 and pause the update. I also have a reference machine with 1809 that I'm holding on to.
  7. Any update on a SmartDeploy update for 1809? Is there an ETA? Thank you...
  8. I thought it was me Thank you for all your hard work...
  9. So far I tried the Windows 10 1809 update image to an HP 800 G3 and the sysprep failed (A fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine). Anybody else successfully tried the Windows 10 1809 October update?
  10. Good Afternoon, Somehow the HP PPks I get from SmartDeploy console is not complete or up to date. EverytimeI finish an image, I still have to run the HP Softpaq. I also notice that not all devices in Device manager are up to date. I always had to update them manually... Is there a way to get an updated PPK?
  11. Sorry, I just checked this now, but I still need this help... thank you
  12. Awesome... Thank you for your help.
  13. I'm using OneDrive - E5 license
  14. Is there an expiration date on the Token created for Cloud Deployment via Answer File? Thank you.
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