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  1. Hello, We currently setup SmartDeploy Admin Console in one of our physical server. I am the one that does all the Administrator job but i need to provide access to couple of Helpdesk guys to perform Cloud deployment for remote machines. How can i get this accomplished without having them accessing the main server because I have the Reference Machines and WDS configured on the same server so i don't want them to mess around with that. Regards, Nagaraj
  2. I usually send the computer details to licensing@smartdeploy.com and they will take care of the decommission process.
  3. Hello, I have a question related to Smartdeploy licensing. We have lot of Dell E6540's that we are planning to sunset but we have lot of users that are currently using it. The plan is not to reimage any of those and then eventually replace them with a newer model laptops. The question is what happens if we decommission all of those E6540's from Smartdeploy licensing while it is still being in use. Of course we are not going to re image them anymore so it is a good idea to decommission all of those from Smartdeploy licensing or do we need to wait until the laptop is actually not in use anymore ? Thanks, Nagaraj
  4. Thanks for the response. We have folder redirection for the Desktop & Documents folder in place so currently we don't do user data migration in most cases.
  5. Hello, We are using Smartdeploy 2.0.3020 for PXE boot and using Dell laptops. We are in the process of implementing BitLocker in our environment and currently testing is in progress. One of the things that I want to make sure is, reimaging a Bitlocker enabled laptop. We dont use the "wipe & load option" I have tried reimaging couple of laptops with Bitlocker Encryption ON and it seems to be imaged fine without any issues. I am trying to get some recommendations on what would be best practice to do while reimaging a Bitlocker enabled laptop. For ex: Is it recommended to turn off the encryption before we attempt to reimage the laptop, etc. Thanks, Nagaraj
  6. Hello, I am using VMware workstation 12 to create reference machine(Win10-1809) using smartdeploy version 2.0.3020. Getting an error(see attached screen shot) saying "Please provide valid virtual machine location" I made sure that the Reference machine path is correct. I am a domain admin and also have local admin rights on the server in which we are running smartdeploy. Please advise.
  7. Hello, I am currently trying to utilize the USMT feature within smartdeploy in our environment. It works great for in-place upgrades but i am trying to find a way on how i can utilize smartdeploy's USMT in refresh scenarios. For Ex: if we are upgrading a user's laptop to a newer model. I know in SCCM we can create a Task sequence just to run the USMT and capture everything from the old laptop and restore the data on the new laptop by creating computer associations. Wanted to know if there is something similar available in smartdeploy. I am running smartdeploy version 2.0.3020. thanks..
  8. Hello, We are using SmartDeploy with WDS for PXE boot. We are using answer file & unattended deployment. I am getting complaints from the Helpdesk that few users had accidentally started the PXE boot or somehow their boot order got changed and their machines got reimaged. I am trying to find if there is a way to set a Admin password prompt to proceed with deployment. For example in SCCM, we can set the Admin password to initiate a Task Sequence.
  9. I believe there is a way fix this Issue. I was looking at this blog https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/bcdboot-command-line-options-techref-di and in the answer file i ended up adding a post image command like this bcdboot C:\Windows /p /d and now once the deployment wizard end, it reboots and boots to Windows as it should be and continues the process. That command preserves the existing default operating system entry in the Windows Boot Manager.
  10. Laptop has the latest BIOS version installed.
  11. Thank you for the response. The solution works fine for USB boot but for Network boot, Laptop shuts down at the end of deployment wizard, then if i turn ON the laptop with the Network cable plugged in, it goes straight to PXE. The only way to get this to work is either go into BIOS and Disable the "UEFI Network stack" or Unplug the LAN cable and Turn ON the laptop, wait for the laptop to boot to Windows and then plug in the LAN to complete the process.
  12. Hello, I am trying to image a Dell 7480 or a 7490 laptop (In UEFI) using SmartDeploy integrated with WDS. Everything goes well until the laptop reboots after applying OS & Drivers. Laptop will reboot and once again goes back to PXE boot. Something is changing the boot order and it goes back to NIC instead of booting to Windows. Is there a way to fix this?? I am using Win10 1803. SmartDeploy Version 2.0.3010 Thanks.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. I will give it a try.
  14. Hello - Is it possible to add a software install step such as AV install in USB image deployment? While creating the Answer file i tried adding a task(post image) with a command line to install our AV software. The installer files are kept in the z folder within a subfolder. The command line in the answer files looks something like this: <command>[AnswerFolder]\z\foldername\setup.exe /silent</command> but i get an error saying D:\z\foldername\"setup.exe /silent" cannot be found. Am i doing anything wrong here. Please advise.
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