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  1. I got the following error when deploy Windows 10 1803 (Clean install) from smartdeploy V.2.0.3007. Please Help!
  2. How was this image created? From a fresh clean VM? Did you perform an inplace upgrade? Just install office update only from existing golden image install the latest version of Windows 10 from VL media .It doesn't make sense if we create a new Ver of Windows 10 from zero every time . We have 30+ standard office software in our golden image.
  3. Me too . Support team , please help to fix
  4. Still got the error message.. WIN-AFFORLTO1OS.Logs.zip
  5. I have no idea why I got following error message after reload new image via Smartdeploy but this golden image is working fine on other platform(ESXi). Please help to check. Thanks WIN-SGPK7H4J200.Logs.zip
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