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  1. We have the same issue. The image is dropped and customizations are lost. I think this is more of a win10 issue though because on the physically imaged PC, if I set the default apps as the local admin, they are lost when the domain user logs in. Windows is forcing each profile to what microsoft wants as defaults from what I can tell
  2. I am having this same problem " I can't get any application packs to install. Looks like the C:\windows\temp\!sdspk folder doesn't exist either.". Has there been a resolution? I am starting with just trying the Fire Fox pack before I go creating my own pack, and even the smart deploy ready Fire Fox pack will not deploy. we are pushing to a win10 machine that was imaged with smart deploy. My gut is telling me this may be a permissions issue since our win10 newly imaged machine is not on the domain and I'm not sure what rights are being used by the smart deploy console when pushing the pack to the agent for installation. Please advise. Bernadette UPDATE: I tried pushing Firefox twice approximately 30 min apart. I just tried again and this time it ran! totally confusing as i did nothing to rectify the situation and i just deployed the application pack the same way as I did the first 2 times. I have no virus protection on the newly imaged win10 machine i'm pushing the applications to but I do have trend installed on the smart deploy console. Is that a potential issue? Bernadette
  3. I did that this morning but I've not heard back so I thought I'd give the forum a shot...thank you.
  4. We have upgraded our Smart Deploy Console and migrated all of our images and reference machines etc...We have re-imaged a machine from the new console and it works great. Now we have to make the existing PC's with clients reporting to our old console start reporting to the new console. We have tried simply generating the client from the new console and manually installing it but it does not seem to work. The PC still shows up in computer management on the old smart deploy console but not on the new smart deploy console. What can we do to redirect our existing clients to the new console? Thank you for any advice. Bernadette
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