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  1. Does it mean that, for WDS, I only create a boot media, and don't need to install the image to WDS. Then the OS will be deployed by answer file?
  2. Today I create a new image of WIndows 10, GPT + UEFI, when deploy by WDS, there's error message "there is not enough free space to perform this operation". Try to run diskpart in smartdeploy PE, the strange thing is there's 1 more primary partition (4) was created with 500M, and there's windows file in. I know the reason is here, but how can it happen? the only change in virutalbox is I check the option of EFI. Any solution?
  3. Hi Support team: just want to ask one question: Is there any difference between the image captured by smartdeploy from virtual machine and the image added into WDS from smartdeploy captured image?
  4. Yes, got the same issue 3240165637. No solution yet?
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