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  1. The unattended deployment/migration of Windows 10 was successful except for the user accounts. I asked the system to copy the c:\Users folder and it did. It also presented the login page of the admin account as was specified in the answer file/deployment package. It did not however setup the student's user account. The C:\Users folder was copied and all data is there. I will be using Smart Deploy to constantly update my student's machines in our school. I would like them to be presented with the Windows login page of their own account. For now it is just presenting our ADMIN account page and no other account is preserved/created. 1) Can I have the student user account created? 2) How can I have the initial login page be that of the student's (if the above is true)? Thank you.
  2. Jeff, did you put the individual product key in the deploy wizard? Thanks.
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