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  1. Just to follow up on this... It appears that the latest Windows Server 2016 with all patches and 1903 with all patches does not have this issue. I am building my images now and this problem seems to have gone away.
  2. Any updates with this? I have managed to build my own MDT installation working 100% with WDS using LiteTouch 64-bit boot images... so until this software can multicast from WDS I cannot mass image with PXE boot to the boot media with it. I still get Please insert disc 1 errors with lastest 3040 software. Thank you.
  3. Tom, yes the problem occurs when you import the wim into WDS and the Res.rwm file is created. But you need to do that for multicast to work in WDS. If I just copy the file to the images folder on my WDS server it will work fine but it's only unicast.
  4. I've rebuilt my WDS server using Windows Server 2016 and the issue persists. Rebuilt and captured image countless times. Thanks for the info but I'd rather not rely on luck while using your product.
  5. Nope... no resolution. Haven't heard any updates from support in over two weeks since they mentioned they would work with their Dev team. I had this issue before with version 3010 and reverting back to 3005 and rebuilding the boot image fixed it too. Not sure what to do here... the multicast support built into the console is not very reliable when I have tried it. In the meantime I have been setting up MDT on the WDS server in case this doesn't get resolved.
  6. Is anyone else having an issue with version 3030 and images added through WDS? Whenever I import an image into WDS as an install image and WDS creates a Res.RWM file (so multicast is supported) I get an Insert Disk 1 prompt after the entire image is pushed out from the server. It gets to about 10 seconds left then I get the prompt and it does not work. If I revert to version 3005 in my console, and recreate the boot media (booted through PXE boot from WDS server) it will push out the image fine but will cause a bootloop since it is an 1809 image and will not work with that version of the console media. If I do NOT import the WIM install image into WDS, it will push out just fine using any other method. But this is not ideal since I image about 100 machines at a time in the summers and need proper multicast support from PXE boot within WDS. I have tried re-creating my images using Virtual Box, Hyper-V, etc. Rebuilding my WDS server multiple times. Completely uninstalling the console and reinstalling, completely starting from scratch on a new console host machine and rebuilding my image. No dice! I am attaching my logs with the hope someone sees something obvious. MININT-AUSO5BM.Logs.zip
  7. In PDQ, you need to pass the CONSOLEHOST value as a parameter in the MSI. See my attachment.
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