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  1. Isn't in the user manual yet. How do I do a cloud deployment? I presume I should also make a new deployment that DOESN'T auto add to the domain (which means doesn't get AV etc which is a small problem too). I guess I should add all software to the image to eliminate that problem. Some other settings there is little to nothing to do I guess (like Windows updates etc). I could create for (many) of them registry files that are run though a script but I'm not really sure that makes any sense. Also is there any way I can have an easy way a user can create deployment media? Let me give you my use case. A perfect example where this would have been a life saver. We have people that travel out of the office regularly. I had a user whose laptop went crazy and DNS didn't work (could ping by IP, but no matter the network there was no DNS (though nslookup worked). I would like to be able to have deployed to this user. Since their computer didn't work I would need some sort of boot media (that they could create from another computer). I could send everybody with a DoK with the boot media, but honestly it won't happen, it would be out of date etc etc. I need some way that a user could create the boot media with relative ease. Is there any solution for this as well?
  2. I saw that one of the new features of 3010 is the ability to push Driver pack updates. I must say this is really fantanstic (though not tested yet). My first problem is until now I have never pushed the client, so now I need to push the client but I don't want to push to all computers (I think), only those deployed via SmartDeploy yet I have no way to do that! If I push to clients that were installed before we moved to smartdeploy but do have a valid driver pack, can I still push updates? Also will this also update the BIOS? That would be my number one requested feature the ability to update BIOS especially in the post Spectre/Meltdown world...
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