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  1. Michael, are you telling where to map the drive in your Answer file? If this is not in your answer file, then its not going to PXE correctly. Also, make sure you update your WDS Image with the new answer file from within SD and in the WDS Server itself.
  2. Chris, that is a no. I haven't seen this feature and we have been using SD for over a year.
  3. Also, make sure your computer's BIOS is configured for network boot. Our Dells are coming to us with PXE boot turned off. You will also see option for Secure Boot. We are leaving this on and have no issues with SD PXE imaging.
  4. Sam, from my experience, if you take a computer and install an older version of the client on it, it will show up in the SDE Computer Management console and then it will update on its own without you having to do anything. Hope this helps.
  5. I build all my images on a PC with the server client installed, then capture the image there and then transfer it to the server. I find my 2012 server to be very slow as well, but then again its not a physicaly but a VMed server. Hope this helps.
  6. Try this command in your answer file under Advanced, then Tasks: Set this task to be after image is applied with the following command: bcdboot C:\Windows /p /d
  7. SURE RECOVERY HAS TO BE DISABLED FOR IMAGING TO WORK. If not, it will prompt on every single BOOT if you want to restore the computer. This is done via BIOS.
  8. Dale, every time you make a single tiny change to the answer file, you have to rebuild ALL deployment media. I would give this a try.
  9. I have installed 365 with teams onto 4 of my images. All 4 work flawless when I image a PC and then authenticate into Office365 with their credentials. I am not downloading and installing from a EXE. I am using the 365 deployment toolkit and performing the install thru CMD and silently. Also, I am NOT opening any of the office apps before closing the VM.
  10. I am assuming your referring to the SD Client. You can specify in the answer file to install the client and where it should point to. You do not want to install the client on the server. Then once installed, all machines will point to the server and show up in your list of computers.
  11. I ended up switching from building the VMs and images on the server onto my workstation. I also use Virtualbox to create a master VM, then duplicate it and then make modifications from there.
  12. Make sure your selecting "Offline deployment media" because "Boot Media" will boot to the SD Deployment and wait for you to give it the info, whereas the former will already have ALL the info needed, drivers, image file, answer file, etc.
  13. Chris, you can use the User State Migration Feature when creating your answer file. It will backup the users data, settings, and app data and then restore them. I haven't tried this yet but I believe its possible. Also I believe you would have to specify in the answer file to join it to the domain as well.
  14. Cant download attachments in this forum.
  15. Jeff, The driver packs for the 600 G3 and G4 called HPElitePro600-800-G3 or G4. This PC was SmartDeployed and so are the other ones as well. Wifi adapter driver:
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