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  1. Thanks Jeff for this. I will be using this once we purchase.
  2. Aaron@Shared

    Custom Rename

    Glenn, I cannot download that file. Can you post it via the code syntax? Like this?
  3. Aaron@Shared

    Custom Rename

    Could someone create a script for this purpose and post it here? I need a script to be able to grab the last 7 of the serial number and put either an HPC or HPL in front of it for the PCID. Can a script be created to determine if desktop or laptop and then pull the last 7 from BIOS?
  4. Aaron@Shared

    Recommendations for October 1809 Update

    Thank you for the quick reply and for your feedback.
  5. Senario: My company is looking to replace Ghost with SmartDeploy. I have been testing and imaged 4 computers with Windows 10 1803. Question: How would you recommend handling the new 1809 update that is coming out in October? 1. Update the VM and then the Image? 2. Let each PC get the update (if we allow it) on its own? Thoughts?