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  1. Paul, this would be nice. But I can tell you this. If you re-SD a computer that you previously installed applications using an Application Pack installer, SD will automatically reinstall those apps onto that computer only after it has been imaged.
  2. Jeff, thank you but I was able to get to get this working. I had to create an Unattended Installer with the Microsoft Office 2010 installer tool. But thank you for getting back to me on this. Aaron
  3. Ok. I have been able to get this working with custom software BUT I want to be able to get Office 2010 or 16 installed this way. When doing so, the files copy and the Bootstrap program runs but nothing installs. I checked the logs and this is what I am seeing: Can anyone help me with this error? What arguments do I need to put into this for it to work?
  4. Question: I haven't noticed this in the recent build but I am curious if this is going to be implemented at all...but accurate timers. I know Windows has historically had in-accurate timers for anything (downloading, deleting, moving, etc) but this has improved over time. However, I wish that when performing tasks in SmartDeploy that there would be a timer indicating how much longer (ETA) for the task to complete. I see this in the imaging screen but it is inaccurate because it only encompasses the imaging part but negates the platform pack and post imaging tasks. It would be nice to have a timer when performing the following: 1. Importing a reference machine 2. Creating an image 3. Creating a deployment pack Is this something that could be implemented? Thanks, Aaron
  5. @Long@Foley I replied on my topic to you but you can edit their packs. Open Chrome and Firefox to get an idea of how to create yours.
  6. @Long@Foley You need to click on File, then New and then Save it. Once this is done, then you can add your files and your commands. (They are working on documentation for this feature, fyi)
  7. @Jeff Harris I am not seeing a video on this topic on the SmartDeploy YouTube channel.
  8. Thanks for responding. I have refreshed the SD YouTube page several times yesterday and this morning and no new videos. I attempted the above with Office 2010 and it did not install. The outlined area: Where does SD get the [ApplicationsFolder] path from? The install files are on D:\SmartDeploy\Application Packs\Office 2010 Pro Plus w SP2\ Does something else need configured?
  9. I am writing this knowing full well that this is a beta feature...however. I need some assistance. I have created several custom packs: Citrix Asset Management Software Office 2010 32 bit They create just fine and seem to deploy just fine but nothing happens on the computer. Nothing installs. No errors. No logs. Can someone shed light onto why this is not working? Is there more update documentation on this feature or not? Thanks, Aaron
  10. This is an awesome tool to use. Love this. It is so much easier than creating and making an XML file. Thank you wajtech for this.
  11. Chris, I understand. We don't have vSphere and what I am using is a desktop (HP ProDesk 600 G4 DM) to build my VMs, then building the images in SmartDeploy Client and then copying them to the server. I dont want to use our server to build the VMs because its so slow and limited to 2 cores and cant use more than 4GB of ram. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions on SmartDeploy.
  12. Chris, what VM software are you using? I am loving Oracle's VirtualBox. It is SO much nicer than VMWare Player. You can duplicate images if you create more than 1. Chris, this product is worth the money. My team and I love the functionality of this software and how easy it is to maintain images and driver packs.
  13. Jeff, thanks. I will try setting up SmartDeploy Ent on another computer, then importing the images and then transferring them to the server.
  14. Correction: I built the VM on my workstation. Shut it down as stated in the userguide. Then I went into SDE on my Server and imported them from my local PC across the network. We are using PXE boot for network imaging. I will try creating an ISO from the image and deploying it via a VM. The PCs we use have UEFI but we turn SecureBoot off and at the boot menu, select the BIOS not UEFI Network card.
  15. I am building new GIs on my desktop and then importing it into SmartDeploy on the server. They import fine and I am able to create my deployment packs. Once I deploy it thru WDS and reboots, I am greeted by an immediate BSOD: HELP!!! I do this because I can build 2-3 GIs in a day on my PC compared to 1 on the server. Thoughts? Aaron
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