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  1. I never found a clean 1909 Enterprise version ISO file. Only found an evaluation version, the Home/Pro version or an update file for 1903. Guess I need to keep looking. ** Found it! Now available from MS VLSC downloads. Wasn't there before. **
  2. After updating to 1909 and creating new images, seems any local account (including administrator) has it's password corrupted and that user can no longer log in. I have not tried it using a domain account. We do use the local administrator account for some automated routines, so I told our techs to keep using the 1903 build for now.
  3. I normally create a fresh install, but this 1909 version is not typical. I'm upgrading and testing now. Thank you.
  4. From what I'm reading, it seems the 1909 build is more like a regular update than a new code rewrite. I also cannot find an "Enterprise" ISO that isn't an Evaluation Edition as the only one I can find is for Home or Pro versions. Can we update our Reference Machines to 1909 via normal update instead of a fresh install without breaking deployment?
  5. At my previous employment we had dozens of Meraki switches spread across several buildings and we had no deployment issues.
  6. I installed the console on a HyperV host which allows me USB access, and allows for VM master machines.
  7. SmartDeploy version 2.0.3035 Testing the "user data migration" option of SmartDeploy. All Answer File check boxes marked (enable, user settings, etc) and a network share is set. When I deploy (Windows 10 build 1809) I can see the USMT.MIG file created on the share, and I see the account is re-created on the computer when deployment, but it only preserved the Desktop and the Favorites (from Chrome)....nothing from the documents folder was preserved. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Might be simpler to set that in a domain group policy.... assuming you're using a domain that is.
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