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  1. I came across this while trying to search for answers...
  2. I did not enter any key on the VM, it is currently not activated. In the answer files i did not enter any key either. Wondering how / why my deployed win 10 is activated after being deployed to an endpoint that had win 7 pro
  3. I'm a little confused as to how this all works with a deployed image. Here's my scenario: I have a Dell windows 7 Pro machine that is activated and licensed (99 more of them). When these where purchased they were downgraded to win 7 Pro (by Dell) and were shipped with win 8.1 Pro USB sticks for each computer. I have created an inactivated win 10 Pro VM. Created my deployment package and pushed it out via network to my win 7 pro. Everything works great and it boots to Win 10 Pro and i'm able to log in. The Win 10 Pro is activated. In the activation window it says Windows is activated with a digital license. My question, am i good to go? Am i compliant? Will it do it to the 90 plus other machines im needing to upgrade to win 10? Thanks in advance Tony
  4. just as an fyi to anyone else reading this thread...... no clue why, but after the 3rd attempt at deploying an image i finally got the user migration screen to pop up and transfer user data over. I don't know if it was me being impatient (as i've lost track with all testing ive been doing) but the migration screen pops up after the 1st boot but takes a few mins to show up (or at least for me it did), so its kinda confusing as a new user as there's no indication its starting / running until that screen appears.I think i assumed once the image deployed and i could log on that i thought the user data was supposed to be there, which as it turns out doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks to support for being patient with me
  5. New user, been testing about a week now and love what I've seen so far. I am unable to get the user migration piece working. Here is my process. Created deployment package with all necessary files. My answer file i check marked "Enable User Data Migration" and checked user settings / application settings and Documents. Browsed to the network share and saved. During the imaging phase i can see the script running the migration piece and i can confirm it saves the USMT.mig to the share. After imaging it does not recreate the user account i tried to migrate. it DOES have the USMT file inside a folder of the computer name on the C drive, so i know its writing the data, just not creating the account from it. The user account i migrated was named "tcummins" I have attached a screenshot showing the user accounts it creates and the folder on the C drive containing the USMT. I also booting to the smart deploy media on that machine and collected and attached the logs from the machine. While i wait for a reply from support i thought id reach out to the community to see if anyone had any ideas. Thanks Tony TREAS3.Logs.zip
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