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  1. My cloud deployment uploads then disappears from my one drive part of it is in my recycled Items. I am running the leastest versions.
  2. I not sure I understand this Correctly So I download an Agent with a local IP in the set up if I install it on a remote PC no port forwards with the agent looking at an external IP nothing it going to magically find My console? as my testing goes so far if I install an Agent over my VPN then take the VPN offline it will turn to cloud and I can deploy. But I am talking about the agent has never been installed before
  3. So I need the VPN to first get the computer to Show the agent? cause that doc doesn't answer my question
  4. I have a computer not on site I installed an agent to put all the port here https://support.smartdeploy.com/kb/article/5-which-ports-are-required-by-smartdeploy/ as port forwards in our Router. The agent is not appearing in the smart deploy console. anyone has a Succesful remote clod agent. I would prefer to do this without a VPN.
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