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  1. I tried the GP thing and it installed on 300 computers out of a 1000. Problem is when I do a gpupdate it will error out and Event Viewer shows issues installing it. So I've stopped it. Anyone having problems?
  2. Is there a way to deploy multiple packages? Say I have a Group A. And Group A should get x1, x2, x3 packages. Is that possible or is this limited to just 1 application at a time?
  3. Looking at the Application Packs folder, the file sizes are huge. It's not just a configuration file, so it also includes the app itself. So I don't think it's referring to an actual path. I think it's just SD's syntax. This is my best guestimation.
  4. Has anyone who has successfully been able to get this to work document any basic steps? I wish we could edit/view the pre-made app packs to get a good idea.
  5. In relation to this topic, we are having a problem using this feature. When I click to add, all of the fields are grayed out. What do I need to do to make this functionality work?
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