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  1. Adding some additional information "an error occurred while apply the image" happens when SmartDeploy starts applying image 2 of 2 and almost immediately cancels? Applying image 1 of 2 worked fine.
  2. I created 2 images one with McAfee installed and one without on a Windows 10 1809 image. The was for a Panasonic CF54 mk3 toughbook. I tried to use both of the images and it looked like it would work but about 10 minutes into the process, it started canceling. I had entered our product key for windows on the image so I don't think that was the issue found here. https://redmondmag.com/articles/2017/02/15/windows-10-imaging-rights.aspx We had the same problem with 1809 ver on a Dell GX7050 image. However the 1709 image works fine. Had anyone else had this problem?
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