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  1. Thank you Jeff. Your sample XML is unavailable. Is it basically what you have posted in your response?
  2. I'm wondering if it's possible with this tool to not capture out my docs and desktop. I'm I don't see the need to capture and deploy those items since we're encouraging our users to not save items in those locations. I see MS USMT and tools like SCCM/MDT have the capability to use XML files. I have no working history or knowledge of USMT so I thought I would ask.
  3. Thank you. That helped. I was able to complete the capture process.
  4. Hello, I've tested USMT on about 5 different PC's now. Capture and Deploy have worked great. This morning I have attempted to capture a user's account again (2nd attempt). The capture process begins normally. I leave and come back to check the USMT.MIG file. I see that it's gradually growing about 14gigs the last time I check on it. Once I noticed the capture icon is now gone I go and check the user's USMIT folder and there's no MIG file. Is there any reason why this particular user's capture process has failed twice on me now? For testing I have captured another computer successfully.
  5. Hello. Been working with user state migration on and off for some time now. Ir we able to get real time status when capturing or deploying? All I see is an icon indicating current state and once the process is done the icon goes away. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I will reference that article. I appreciate the help.
  7. Hello. Out of the box that was checked which I left alone. I've also disabled secure boot. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I just picked up a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 for a trial run. I'm attempting to image via PXE. BIOS has been changed and secure boot has been disabled. I'm still unable to boot to PXE because my thought is the USB dongle (3rd party) gets no network traffic/activity until the OS starts or finishes loading. Anyone have success with Surfaces and PXE minus a dock or MS specific dongle? Thank you.
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