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  1. Just to follow up on this, I did confirm that problem was due to the SmartDeploy client not installing. Once I resolved that problem, application packs successfully installed during OS deployment
  2. I've discovered that the SmartDeploy client is not installing on the client computer despite having that enabled in my answer file. Is the client involved in the installation of the application pack during an OS deploy? If so, that could be the problem. I did a test of adding a canned application pack from SmartDeploy to the answer file and that also did not install.
  3. Not with SmartDeploy as the source. There are some WMI warnings, but I think they're normal activity related to the installation of the sccm client
  4. I created a custom application pack to install and license MS Office 365 C2R. It deploys and runs successfully from the SmartDeploy console to existing client computers. But when I add it to an answer file to run during an OS deployment, it does not install. The application pack does copy to the client computer, but doesn't install. Has anyone run in to anything similar? thanks
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