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  1. Ah, one thing I didn't think to check! I had to uninstall the Windows Defender feature from the server (it wouldn't disable via the Settings app for some reason) and we went down to 35 minutes, a significant improvement and much more in line with what I was expecting. Thanks for that! 😊
  2. Hi! I'm wondering if there's anything we can do to speed up the image capture time? I have an image that's about 40GB and takes nearly two hours to capture, half of which is processing the files and the other half being the actual capture. I've removed any files from the image that I put there that aren't needed, run Disk Cleanup and the Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup command to clean up as many unneeded files as possible (unless there's other things I should be doing as well). The VHD and the image destination are on the same drive. As for hardware, the image and Smartdeploy are on a virtual server running Server 2016, 4 Xeon E5-2640v3 cores, 8GB RAM and the virtual disks are on SAS hard drive storage storage. I can throw more resources at it if necessary but looking at the usage, I don't think that this is the problem. Unless, of course, these times are normal, in which case, never mind, product is working as intended and I'll make do Thanks!
  3. I'm seeing the "there was a problem with the associations and it's been reset to the defaults" notifications when I log in for the first time (after using the dism /export-defaultfileassociations and dism /import-defaultfileassociations commands) however the notifications seem to be erroneous, as the associations are correctly showing what I've set them as (e.g. the one that usually pops up first is complaining about PDF files now opening with Edge, but they're still set as Adobe Reader). They only come up on first login so not a huge issue, and as others have pointed out it's probably a Windows issue rather than a Smartdeploy one.
  4. Hi! We've recently gotten Smartdeploy and have been happy with it so far. I made a relatively simple image and included our basic applications in it, and an application pack for our security software (including it in an image is tricky due to the way it activates so the application pack made more sense for it). However, now I'm curious to know if it is better to install as many applications as possible via application packs as opposed to installing them in the base image? Is there any particular guidance on which is preferred? (I must confess imaging in this way is largely new for me - the last lot of imaging I did was via Ghost 11 many years ago!) Thanks 😊
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