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  1. In 2014, I used DeployStudio to deploy 50+ MacBook Pros on 10.13.x. but DeployStudio long dead now. I believe that SuperDuper could provide you a serviceable, manual quasi-cloning solution for a *limited* amount of machines, but it is basic cloning only. It supports 10.15. But there is no central server/console, no app deployment, no multicasting, no user management, NADA. It basically works for me on 10.14 and 10.15 but test and use at your own risk
  2. I have a very similar or same issue. After deployment (Windows 10 Pro 1909, fully Windows updated as of 12/31/2019,) it never will boot successfully. I am greeted with that pesky wdboot.sys error. If I instead load the older image (Windows 10 Pro 1903, fully Windows updated 11/1/2019,) it boots just fine. It makes no difference if I select LEGACY or UEFI Boot.
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