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  1. Hi, I've rebuilt the image AGAIN, and this time I made sure to remove any UWP apps as I did install a UWP app in my original reference machine. I received the same issue again. I am grabbing the logs now and will open a ticket.
  2. After doing this, I still get the same error. setuperr.log is identical.
  3. So I've been having some issues getting 1909 to successfully deploy on a machine. It throws an error during deployment about failing sysprep. When you boot into windows, Explorer crashes and restarts constantly. We have updated the SD client and created new boot media. At first I looked around online and thought it was because the initial install of the reference machine was 1903 however I have now rebuilt the reference machine and taken an image but it's still failing sysprep with the same error as before. I reinstalled 1909 over the old reference machine. I've attached the setuperr.log from Sysprep if this is helpful. Thanks setuperr.log
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