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  1. Do you have a recommended burning software for burning the ISO's to a dual-layer dvd? imgburn (A very popular Disk burning utility) does not support two iso files being burned to a single dual layer disk, and I am not aware of any other software that does as all any of the software's I am familiar with only allow you to select one of the two iso files and then when you select the second one it asks you to insert a fresh disk. So if you could recommend one, that would be helpful. As far as the USB Flash drive, I am selecting Offline media and have had a ticket open since Monday. I don't find the email support very helpful as I am getting on average one response per day so it would probably be faster for me to take a photo, toss it in an envelope and mail it over since email support is not really that efficient. I understand part of the reasoning for this is to push businesses to purchase a support contract, however I am not super interested in paying for an advanced support contract as I am not convinced the software will even work, and I don't want to pay that much for something if I can't use it. If I could prove to my boss that even one single image lands on a device like intended then he would green-light a full site license and a support contract, but until that time he will not spend anything further on this project. Sorry for the frustration here, but I have wasted a week of time on trying to get this image to work, and at this time hand-loading each system has worked better than trying to image it, and it's a commonly used Lenovo Business Laptop.
  2. When I use the Media Wizard and select a dual-layer DVD it creates two ISO files rather than just one. The console has to stay on a server here so I don't have the ability to burn it to a disc because it is virtualized. I was going to copy the iso to a workstation and then burn it using imgburn, however I noticed that the media wizard actually created two ISO's for the same image. I have not been able to get this deployment to work at all and am curious if this is part of the problem. I had originally pushed the media to a flash drive, however it appears that perhaps it was not getting everything needed? Is it possible to use a 3rd party utility to burn the ISO to a disc from a workstation, or can I simply move the image to a workstation with Smart Deploy and burn the image from there even if it was not created there?
  3. Thanks for the response Mike, I presume you just use the Advanced Settings when creating the Answer file and then use those options in there to accomplish that?
  4. I just noticed that in Hyper-V you need to make the VM an Generation 1 VM. If I use the Generation 1 VM do I need to deploy this as a Legacy BIOS system, or does Smart Deploy convert it to a UEFI image when it does the actual deployment to the systems since Hyper-V Gen 1 does not support UEFI images?
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