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  1. Thanks Erik! The devices we use are USB RFID proximity readers. I think we've found a work around but it remains to be tested. What we're going to try is use our VMWare environment to P2V a physical box which will generate a .vmdk file. We'll then use Smart Deploy to capture that file and generate the WIM. If that doesn't work we'll try the SmartWIM route.
  2. Yes! I was able to get this to work. I had to modify the BartPE environment to be able to recognize VBS files. That was done with a simple plugin. I dumped the WIM file to the network and was able to view the contents with 7-zip in a browser window. Cool!
  3. We're currently evaluating the Smart Deploy suite and one thing of interest is SmartWIM. I've been asked to find a way to image a laptop hard drive that has been encrypted using McAfee's Endpoint Encryption software and doing research it appears to be possible. If I boot the laptop using McAfee's BartPE environment, apply the decryption key, and build in network access, in theory I should be able to start up SmartWIM and capture the C: drive and dump the resulting WIM to the network. Does that sound plausible? Will SmartWIM function within a BartPE environment? Thanks!
  4. Currently evaluating the product and working through the tutorials it seems that Smart Deploy can only capture a master PC generated within a VM environment? I have the need to create a master image buit on a physical box due to software and peripherals that do not work well inside VM. Is it possilbe to capture a physical reference machine? Thanks!
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