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  1. When creating an answer file I receive an error that says "The image data is too large for the target drive." It happens when I select the image file and click next.
  2. How would one change a deployment from unicast to multicast or vice versa? I've read in another post that there was a way through the answer file wizard but I don't see that option.
  3. Before upgrading to Smart Deploy Enterprise 2.0 our unattended deployment would assign the computer's serial number as the computer name. This was achieved by including the following in the answer file. <identification> <!-- 0 = Assign a new computer name automatically, 1 = Use the following naming method --> <naming_mode>1</naming_mode> <naming_methods><method>WMI</method><method>EXISTING</method><method>CUSTOM</method></naming_methods> <custom_naming_scheme></custom_naming_scheme> <prefix></prefix> <wmi_query>SELECT SerialNumber FROM Win32_BIOS</wmi_query> </identification> Since upgrading to 2.0, and building new boot media, this is no longer working.
  4. That worked like a charm. Thank you for the quick reply!
  5. Our workstations have two partitions. Partition 1 contains the OS and program files and partition 2 contains the users documents. Is there a way to only image partition 1 and leave the contents of partition 2 intact?
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