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  1. Can confirm this is wroking. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hi, Any update on this getting posted anywhere? Would be VERY helpfuil to have this at hand. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will have a look and see what I can leave in.
  4. @tim.cummings@juhsd.net Out of interest, how are you managing the built in apps? Are you leaving them or stripping them, and if you're stripping them how are you achieving that with Smart Deploy. Thanks.
  5. After returning to work today, both the machines have completed imaging over the weekend. What in the logs would tell me that issue so I can take a look at it? Thanks
  6. I have deployed it to 2 different model of laptop and to a desktop and all are hanging on "Getting Ready" I left them on Friday at 17:00 and will see if they completed tomorrow. I deployed it to a virtual machine and it worked ok.
  7. Hi. If you are using an unatended file you can delete the domain name used to join the domain and then it will ask you to enter the domain name in the same section as the part where you define the computer name, so you can enter it each time. <network_identification skip="0"> <computer_name /> <!-- 0 = Domain, 1 = Workgroup --> <membership>0</membership> <domain>REMOVE WHAT IS HERE</domain> <domain_options> <option></option> </domain_options>
  8. Hi, Having issues deploying this as a fresh install on machines, it hangs on "Getting Ready" So far I have been waiting 12 hours for it to install on 3 machines. Created using 2.0.2097 Deploying from an external hard drive using the most up to date driver packs for the units. If I deploy an earlier version it works just fine. Thanks
  9. Hi, Any update on this? I am happy to make a separate thread but didn't want to clutter the board. Thanks
  10. Hi, Sorry to jump on this thread but I didn't see the need to start a new one as my issue is with a T460s driver pack. I have deployed the T460s Windows 7 x64 driver pack with my image and its blue screening. I tried it with the windows 10 x64 pack and that worked fine so i presume its an issue with the platform pack. I cant get access to the hard drive so getting the log will be difficult (unless you have a way to export it to another share/external drive as part of the image process?) Would appreciate if you could take a look at the pack and see if there is something not working in there. I have updated to the newest version of the pack and the newest version of smart deploy, version 2.0.2000 Thanks
  11. Hi, Almost a year on and no update. Please can you confirm if this is any closer to being supported? Thanks, Paul
  12. Thanks Erik, Is there an ETA for the release of the updated SmartDeploy? Thanks, Paul
  13. Hi, We are trying to add a boot environment into SCCM 2012 SP1 but we are getting the following error: Just to add, the install of SCCM 2012 SP1 is an upgrade from SCCM 2012. Thanks, Paul
  14. The reinstall fixed it, strange as i had already done that but glad its working now Thanks for your help, Erik.
  15. Thanks Erik, Can you let me know where to find the capture.log please? Also I have noticed since the time of posting that the SmartVDKSrv doesn't appear in my Device manager. Thanks, Paul
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