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  1. Erik, Where is the Deploy Wizard? In my Start Menu, I have a Media Wizard, Build Wizard, Capture Wizard, and Platform Manager and then I have the SDK & Tools folder. I have a flash drive that is bootable that I am testing with and set to run verbose, and I dont see an advanced tab there to be able to run tasks? Am I missing something?
  2. I want to add a specific task to run after the image is deployed at the first boot, prior to user logon and then be able to run multiple tasks to after user logon. Looking for more in depth documentation or step by step procedures to accomplish this. I've only been able to find a one page blurb about filters and tasks that does not explain how to actually start the process of building and adding tasks? Any help would be great. Thank You, James
  3. Erik, Thank You, that worked perfectly. Though, once the SmartDeploy Boot media finished deploying I got to a screen that said windows failed to start. The info at the bottom states taht The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible, and was able to go no further. So what I would like to do and I have a documetn from LANDesk called "Adding a Custom Menu Option to the F8 PXE Menu" Which I was succeddfully able to do. So when I press F8, I see the WinPE Menu and a SmartDeploy option. THe way LANDesk works, is when I choose WinPE Menu the Boot.Wim loads and then takes me to another Menu where all of my Imaging scripts are. I can then select a specific image to deploy. I would like for this to be the same way with SmartDeploy. So from the F8 Menu, I can click "SmartDeploy" instead of WinPE Menu, and then have it automatically launch the SMartDeploy Image I have ready to deploy. Unattended and Automatically if possible. I can try to send you some screen prints of what our LANDesk process looks like. Can I email them to you directly?
  4. Thanks Erik, I'm having trouble running the second BCDEdite line after I get the GUID. •BCDEdit /store BCD /set {GUID} device ramdisk={boot}\boot\SmartDeploy.wim,{ramdiskoptions} I keep getting a "Device is not Valid as specified error message asking me to run BDCEdit /? I am running this on my PXEREP PC that is Windows 7 64Bit OS.
  5. Our company recently purchased SmartDeploy Enterprise for image deployment and streamlining our imaging process. We currently have a base OS Image (WinXPSP3 and Windows7 64Bit) and use a product called UIU (Universal Image Utility) for drivers. (Blob method). We are dependent on physical hardware to build our image and want to move into creating a Virtual Gold Image base (VMWare)and use only specific model Drivers to reduce the amount of hard drive space being utilized by UIU's driver database(3GB). We manage all of the devices in our environment using a product called LANDesk Management Suite v9.0SP3. We can remote control, Inventory, distribute and policy Software and patches for installation, license monitor, and OSD/Provisioning (Operating SYstem Deployment) etc. With LANDesk we have the capability to pushing and pulling down images to our entire environment, using multiple imaging tools (Symantec, Windows, lynux, and LANDesk has it's own imaging tool). We can currently PXEBoot devices and select from an Imaging menu a desired image. Currently we only have two standard Image builds (WinXPSP3 and Windows7 64Bit Images). I am looking for anyone out there using SmartDeploy Enterprise and LANDesk Management Suite v9.0SP3 to deploy Images. How to integrate SMartDeploy into the LANDesk PXEBoot Environment, and to be able to deploy a smartdeploy image and have all the driver packs available for install?? Need Help ASAP. Thank you
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