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Found 4 results

  1. So, interesting thing. I have successfully used the cloud deployment over a wired network, even got it to do a MS Surface Laptop 3 on wireless. BUT on a Dell 5400, it shows that the network is initializing and the automation times out (like really fast, btw.) with the error an internet connection is needed to deploy blah blah blah... THEN like 2 heartbeats after it gives up, Then it gets the IP... Is there any way to slow down the time the system waits to check for internet, giving this slower model / network a chance to get connected before checking for internet?
  2. I do have several systems in remote offices that will be needing cloud deployments, however the last time I tried to deploy them, it was a catastrophe. Things worked fine when we were using Dropbox as our storage location, but something has gone awry since the change was made to Google Drive. Images and answer files have been changed since then too so this could very well be a configuration issue. My Question: I need to test these cloud deployments on a machine I can get back to Windows myself if things go wrong. However it seems that when the console detects that the machine is on the same network it refuses to initiate a cloud deployment, even if I have checked 'Prefer Cloud Connection'? Is this really intended, and is there any way around this for less risky testing of cloud deployments locally?
  3. With the new cloud deployment available, will we be able to leverage that across networks? Of course initially we'd have to image on the original network even using the cloud deployment but I'm wondering, after initial imaging, would we be able to pull up the console, pull up the machine in the computer management list, right click on the machine and schedule a deployment, even if they are off of the original network? As of right now, even with the cloud package set up, if I schedule a deployment, what package does that pull? The one on my SmartDeploy "server" or the one that I've cloud uploaded already?
  4. So, odd one here. Testing cloud deployment. Created deployment package, uploaded files to OneDrive, went back to Smartdeploy and vooom, Cloud Deployment Package has vanished. All the files are still there where they should be. Have done it five times now and each time exactly the same. Oh, as an aside, your help link in the application links to very old instructions, nothing on Cloud at all.
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