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Found 8 results

  1. Updated our image VM to latest Windows 10 build 1903. When I go to image a laptop I get a fatal sysprep error. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
  2. I'm trying to push out an new image onto a number of pc's via usb boot media accessing the image over the network. Smartdeploy wizard boots ok and starts to copy image, half way through I get "There is not enough free space to perform this operation". I've tried formatting the SSD, I've also tried a deployment without platform packs but keep getting the error Has anyone found a solution for this?
  3. Before I deploy to my Lenovo T70 (Windows 10 x64) I'm receiving the following: The selected Deployment package does not appear to have network and mass storage support for all the selected devices. Please verify that the corresponding Platform Packs were selected when creating your deployment package. I've definitely chosen the T470 Windows 10 Platform Pack when building my deployment package. Not sure if I should or can proceed ignoring the warning.
  4. I'm trying to image a Latitude E7270 with Windows 7, but after the computer restarts after the setup, an error pops ups stating "One or more required services are not running." I hit ok and the computer boots up with the image but none of the drivers are recognized and the resolution of the display is incorrect. Has anyone seen this error before and found a fix? I've made sure that the all of the updates for windows 7 were installed in the reference virtual machine before capturing it.
  5. I am having a problem capturing a brand new Windows 10 x86 image. When I attempt to capture it an error pops up stating that the VM appears to have been upgraded. I am confused as this was hand built from scratch as a new VM/Image from Windows 10 media/ISOs. I am not sure why I am receiving this error since the version of windows in the image is 10.0.10586. Any thoughts? Below is the error received: Thanks! Ron
  6. Just updated our imaging sticks (we do usb sticks for imaging new computers) and Smartdeploy shows "Cancelling" during image deployment. Then an error "An error occurred while applying the image" Any thoughts? I am recreating the SD image now to see if I just had a bad file... thanks, Steve
  7. I am trying to re-image a client PC and every time smart deploy reaches the end of the set up process, a message pops up saying that "the drivers were not successfully injected into the computer." Despite this pop up the drivers seem to be installed in the computer and everything works fine. It's really not a huge deal just something that I would feel better about knowing it worked perfectly. Thanks. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it a problem at all? Solution?
  8. When deploying an image Windows 7 x86 with productivity software installed that I created and captured from VMWare Workstation 9 VM to a VMWare Workstation 9 VM I get most of the way through the deployment when System Preperation Tool 3.14 tells me that a fatal error has occured while trying to sysprep the machine. Afatal error occured while trying to sysprep the machine. I assumed that I had reached my limit of syspreps on the machine but when I booted the VM containing the golden image back up it seems that it has never been sysprepped(the registrykeys associated with sysprep were in default). I am confused. Anyone else run into this issue?
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