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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Support! I'm trying to download the Platform Packs I need, but they are not being downloaded. I can browse the available Platform Packs without any problem, then I click on [Download] and I get a popup saying "The Platform Pack is now being downloaded and can be accessed in Platform Pack Library. Download another Platform Pack or click 'Close' to exit.", but when I go to the Platform Pack Library it is listed with a size of 0 B and if I try to open it I get the error "Unable to open the PlatformPack. The Platform Pack may be corrupt." If I browse to the Platform Pack folder 'C:\SmartDeploy\Platform Packs' the .ppk file is there, but it's 0 KB in size and opening it with the NotePad I can see it's just an empty file. I've reviewed the logs in 'C:\SmartDeploy\Logs', but I see no errors there apart from the ones reported above. The computer is a newly installed Virtual Machine with Windows Server 2012 R12, I've installed the "Desktop Experience" feature and I've also added 'https://*.smartdeploy.com/' to the Trusted Sites list in the Internet Explorer security configuration. I've also completely disabled the antivirus (Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 1.3), which, by the way, shows no incidents related to this issue. All tests so far have been unsuccessful. I've tried with the two latest versions of Smart Deploy, 2.0.2020 and 2.0.2030, the behaviour is the same on both. Well, back in the times when we could still use the web interface to download the Platform Packs this would have been just a minor nuisance... but now this is a serious and blocking issue, as we just cannot download any Platform Pack on this computer. That's all. If you need further information don't hesitate on asking. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and best regards, -- Javier Llorente
  2. Hello, Since a while downloading platform packs using the SDE Console fails. Everything appears to go well (I get no errors), but the size of the PPK file is 0KB. I can download ppk's when I go to the Smartdeploy website. I am using SDE 2.0.1050. Thanks for any help, Maarten.
  3. Hello, everyone! Is there a way to create a custom generic manufacturer platform pack? I mean, I want to male a platform pack that should be deployed on all machines, regardless of their brand and model. Is it possible to do it? What should be the procedure? Thanks in advance and best regards. -- Javier Llorente