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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am trying to create a default user profile for all users logging onto our lab machines. This means fixing the task bar and start bar. I've tested all methods mentioned on the forums such as the ones supplied by SmartDeploy officials. Creating a LayoutModification.xml file works; however, it only works when testing new local users on my VM. After deploying the image to another computer and signing in with a domain account, all changes go down the drain. I've even tried some other options like Defprof but had corrupted defaults after doing so which led me away from this option. My predecessor claims to have used CopyProfile but of course that is deprecated. Any help would be appreciated! We are trying to create images with Windows 1809. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, New to Smart Deploy - so hoping somebody has a simple answer to this one! We are deploying Windows 10 Professional via SmartDeploy from original MS media - no bloatware in theory. When Windows 10 is deployed, it insists on displaying various entertainment Apps in the tiles section of the Start Menu - Candy Crush seems particularly determined and tenacious. We have tried uninstalling apps before imaging, and have seen discussions about creating a custom XML file. However, this does not stop items reinstalling the first time the machine starts. We would like an easy way to customise the Start Menu so it displays business apps (office and a LOB) and a small amount of content e.g weather, news. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. Richard
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