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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I successfully created and used a Windows 10 deployment package where the answer file contained several small FIRSTBOOT tasks. All of those worked properly, until I added User Data Migration to the answer file. Now, User Data Migration works, and works very well, but none of the FIRSTBOOT tasks seem to run at all. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
  2. Hello - I use Kaseya as my RMM. The version of the agent changes from time to time, and I currently have a task to install the agent during deployment using the option, "Upon first boot as system". I have the agent install from the local drive, but I have to copy new agent versions to the reference machine, then recreate deployment packages. What I'd like to do is use the task as I have it now, but install the agent using a vbscript with the install file on the network. I could change out the file on the server without having to worry about my reference machine, images, deployment packages, etc. I'm still a little confused about what needs to update when I modify my reference machine. I'm fairly certain that I should update, refresh, recreate (not sure what to call it here) when my reference machines change. Do I then need recreate my deployment packages too? Documentation isn't the best. This confusion is why I'm looking to come up with a more static solution for 3rd party software that may change frequently. I don't want to have to recreate a bunch of stuff in SD every time something changes. Thanks for considering responding, and I hope my question makes sense? I searched here in the forum and didn't see anything that fit my particular question. I may be the only one confused about such things.
  3. Hello, I'm currently trying out SmartDeploy Enterprise trial and I want to know about setting up tasks. I apologize if this question was already answered in another forum. Is there a way to set up post and pre installation tasks without having to go to every computer we image? On our current system, we set up the task sequence and then have individual pre and post OS installation tasks set up. Post install tasks are things like installing MS Office, Java, etc.... I want my technicians to have as little interaction with the PC as possible. Basically all I want them to do is give the computer a name. Can these tasks be set up before the OS deployment is started? Also, can the answer file be editied before hand so the technician doesn't have to fill in the answers on every machine? Thank you
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