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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I have a few USB drives with our Windows 7 image on them, however the machine that I originally used to create and deploy this image has failed. I'd like to create more of the same drives for deployment of a fairly large project ASAP, however I don't have access to SmartDeploy, VMWare, or my former image now . Is it possible to simply copy and paste the entire contents of one SmartDeploy USB drive to another identical, blank USB drive? And if that doesn't work, would a free utility like Clonezilla using disk-to-disk cloning work instead? (Apologies if this violates the rules.) Thanks in advance!
  2. We have a need for a USB flash drive that has bootable Windows 7. The goal is to be able to boot and run Windows 7 from this USB 3.0 flash drive. Can SmartDeploy do this for us? Very best regards, Iver Nielsen
  3. Hello, we have a tablet computer with integrated SSD Drive, model is Motion F5m. When I deploy Windows 7 32bit to the machine it works just fine. When deploying Windows 10 64bit to the machine it presents an error message: "failed to provision one or more disks" followed by "an exception has occurred". Before it was happening about half-way through the second partition copy, now it happens almost immediately when starting the second partition. This occurs during the provisioning phase where it formats the drives, installs the boot loader and copies the WIM... pre-first boot and sysprep and all that. I used the USB Drive with WIM + PPK.. the same USB drive to deploy 3 computers with no issue. This 4th computer it just doesn't work anymore... same Make / Model / Specs everything. So following usual logic I have: 1) Ensured Win10 64bit was activated, and all windows updates applied. 2) Ensured Windows 10 was shutdown clean "shutdown -s -t 0" 3) Re-Captured the WIM 4) Used Diskpart to wipe the USB Stick -> clean, format quick fs=ntfs and all that 5) Recreated the Boot Media using 64bit NTFS, Legacy Boot 6) Still can't get this to work with the same error messages presented above Other things I have tried: 1) Reset BIOS to default values 2) Tried to load from Device USB Port instead of the docking station USB 2.0 port 3) Tried to load from the docking station USB 2.0 port 4) Tried a different make/model of USB stick Wondering if anyone can point me to some better log files, or has experienced this issue before? I can't find anything by searching the forums or google.... Please help I've spent 3 days on this so far, thanks! Additional Info: SmartDeploy Enterprise 2.0.1060, activated. Win7 setup is 32bit, Boot USB is 32bit Legacy Boot. Win10 setup is 64bit, Boot USB is 64bit Legacy Boot. Maybe the 64bit area is the problem???
  4. I'm booting from a USB and when SmartDeploy starts it comes up with error "Unable to locate license file". I've already reformatted my USB, disable my AV, repaired SmartDeploy. I thought even with the trial version I would be able to deploy. Please advise.
  5. Hello, I've searching the forums and looks that nobody has been in this issue before, so here goes my question: I have to deploy offline 2 different images for both Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise, depending on the user current hardware and needs. I have 64GB Flash Drives, so I have enough space to put both images on them. I know that the local onsite technician can browse and manually select the image to be deployed, but we have some small sites where we don't have always a local technician, so sometimes the deployment task will have to be done by the office manager or someone else who may be just an end user. When I have multiple selections for joining a domain, I can define in the SmartDeploy.xml file a drop-down menu using the <domain_options> and <organizational_unit_options> tags. My question is: is there a way I can make the image file selectable by some kind of drop down or radio button menu, just like the multiple selections for the domain? Thanks in advance and best regards, -- Javier Llorente
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