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Found 5 results

  1. Updated our image VM to latest Windows 10 build 1903. When I go to image a laptop I get a fatal sysprep error. Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
  2. Hello, When pushing images from the SmartDeploy console to Windows 7 machines, I have been receiving the following error. "The target computer does not contain a corresponding disk" I am able to image the computers without issue with the offline method however. What options do I have to remotely image machines using the over the network (not cloud) deployment package? Please note that the VM I have created for reference/image only has one HDD with two partitions.It is the same VM I use for offline deployments that appear to work without issues. Thank you, Ariel
  3. I need to change the Windows 10 CD key for my image to a GVLK to work with my AD activation services. When I look at my answer file using the wizard, the wizard automatically detects a CD key, but won't let me change it. Is it possible to change the key? Thanks Dale
  4. NIC drivers not loading on boot image Only WAN Minport and MS Kernel Debug NICs listed under hardware nothing under Network tab in settings The ppk file has the following NICs listed e1d64x64 in Win PE e1d65x64 listed under Windows 10/ Drivers/Ethernet but windows lists Intel I29-LM and ThinkPad OneLink Plus Dock Ethernet What am I missing?
  5. Hi We are trying to re-image Dell Precision T7600 with the new Windows 10 image. After deploying the image, the machine seems to find the partition and start to boot into windows, but then fails and gives the following error: 0x0000001 - Inaccessible boot device We tried deploying the image to a different model (T7610, Latitude E7470, Precision M4800) and it's working fine. We are only having issue with Dell Precision T7600 model. I have attached the wmi file for your reference. Any suggestions? Thanks, Michael wmi.txt
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