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Found 1 result

  1. We are running a trial of SmartDeploy, and have hit a snag. I'm testing with an HP Elitebook 8440w. After creating an image and deploying with either a Default.PPK that includes the specific model, or using just the model specific PPK, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit deploys fine for the most part. There are not any devices without drivers, most everything seems to work as it should, except Wireless. When I attempt to connect to a wireless network, I am told there are no connections available. I know there are definitely wireless networks present and visible. In fact, before deploying the image, this very notebook was connected to one of the networks. Even if I go ahead and manually put in the wireless info, no luck. Now, I've seen this problem before with HP computers. We've been using model specific images in the past few models. Basically when the image is built on one system, it works great, but when the image gets deployed to another system of the same model I got the same result as above. The fix from HP required us to rebuild the image from scratch, being sure to install the HP Software Framework, and the HP Connection Manager. Now, I've attempted to load those within the VMplayer image, but the packages require that HP hardware be detected. We also found in the past, that the packages appeared to need to be installed before Sysprep runs. Installing after the fact did not fix the problem on the HP images. Another thing I did was run the image setup from our OEM disc for Windows 7 from HP. I'm about to create a new vm from a Volume License disc to see if that is a factor.
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