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Found 2 results

  1. So I am still in the process of setting up smart deploy with our systems with wds. In the meantime I am using USB to boot to Smart Deploy. I have a total of 3 images in one .wim file. I would like to set up a usb drive to boot to Smartdeploy and show the image selection screen and nothing else. I would like to skip every screen except the one where you choose your image. Even if I put the image in the answer file when I do boot to smart deploy the image is blank and I have to map to it using a UNC path. I have attatched the answer file here. I have even tried to map the unc path using a startup script and it doesn't map. Any help would be appreciated SmartDeploy.xml
  2. I have an install that runs after deployment with first login. But I want another install to happen right after that one. The single install works fine. Here's what that portion of my XML looks like. <phase>FIRSTLOGON</phase><command>C:\Systemupdate506-01-15-2015.exe< I have tried just adding it, but I must have something wrong... Here's what I have tried: <phase>FIRSTLOGON</phase><command>C:\Systemupdate506-01-15-2015.exe</phase><command>C:\logmein.msi< And I have also tried: <phase>FIRSTLOGON</phase><command>C:\Systemupdate506-01-15-2015.exe><phase>FIRSTLOGON</phase><command>C:\logmein.msi< Doesn't work with my untended install from USB. I must be missing something. Thanks for any and all help.