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Brad Henderson

225 Error During Image Capture

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I am getting a message midway through a capture that is saying that it can not capture the image due to a virus or unwanted software. I scanned the image for viruses and no where detected. I would also like to add that this exact same image was captured no less than a week ago. Ideas on why this is occurring? 


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Hi Brad, 

Do you have anti-virus or other security software installed on the Reference VM? If so, you may need to uninstall it. A/V in images often breaks the capture/deployment in unpredictable and unusual ways. If you have it installed on your SmartDeploy host, you may also need to temporarily disable it as it sometimes incorrectly flags some of the activities that SmartDeploy as malicious. 

If neither is the case; then the next thing I would try is a warm capture. You can mount the C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartDeploy\SmartDeploy Enterprise\SmartDeploy_x64.iso to your virtual machine, and boot to it to get to the SmartDeploy boot environment, and start the Capture wizard. 



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I'm seeing the same error on a fresh reference machine.  Windows 10 Enterprise with no additional software, just latest MS patches.


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