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Software Install Step

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Hello - Is it possible to add a software install step such as AV install in USB image deployment? While creating the Answer file i tried adding a task(post image) with a command line to install our AV software. The installer files are kept in the z folder within a subfolder. The command line in the answer files looks something like this:

 <command>[AnswerFolder]\z\foldername\setup.exe /silent</command>

but i get an error saying D:\z\foldername\"setup.exe /silent" cannot be found. Am i doing anything wrong here. Please advise.

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Software installation (or any other command line operation) can be added in the Tasks pane, via the Deploy Wizard (or Answer File Wizard) advanced options. Tasks can be run during any phase of deployment, and the easiest option is to run them from a folder on C:\ on the target device. To do this, you would copy the installer files to an easy-to-remember folder on the reference VM (such as C:\Software) prior to capture, then add a silent/unattended installation command via the Tasks pane. The exact syntax for silent/unattended software installation will vary, so you’ll want to check the documentation for that specific software to be sure. Here’s an example of a common software task:

Phase:                                 First boot as system

Command line:                 cmd /c "C:\Software\Antivirus\Setup.exe /s"


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