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Removing Metro Apps for all users

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Good Afternoon Folks,


Does anybody know how to remove the Windows built-in apps (games, programs) from the reference machine? Do you guys have a powershell script you want to share? Thanks in advance,



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I use a heavily modified version of the script below. I've tested it with Windows 10 1803 and have not had any issues. It's also pretty simple to configure what you would like and not like. Another thing to note is that the provisioned apps need to also be removed and a registry entry needs to be added under each user account so that the apps will not get downloaded again in the future.




PreInstalledAppsEnabled also needs to be set to 0.

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23 minutes ago, JayM said:

Sorry, I just checked this now, but I still need this help... thank you

What do you need help with? Is it just setting up the scripts to remove stuff?

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