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Migrating SDE to a New Server

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I need to replace the machine I'm running my SDE server on. I know I can identify the path to the SD storage area on the new server. Are there also configuration files I can move that will preserve the console machine groups I have created? I hope I don't have to recreate each group manually on the new machine.

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Hi there,

Yes, this is possible. You'll need to move over your SmartDeploy console database and database-log. 

On your current (old) SmartDeploy server, you'll need to close the SmartDeploy console, and stop the console service by running this command in an Admin command prompt:
sc stop sdeconsoleservice

Once you've done that, you can copy these files from your existing workstation, and copy them into the same location on the new SmartDeploy server. 
(double-check the file names and extensions as you do this - there are several similarly-named files here)

  • C:\Windows\System32\SmartDeploy.mdf
  • C:\Windows\System32\SmartDeploy_log.ldf

Then you can install the SmartDeploy console on your new workstation. Your client devices should reappear in the correct computer groups as they reach out to the new server. To get them to do so, you'll need to reinstall the SmartDeploy client on your target devices (with an updated hostname or IP address for your new SmartDeploy console), or update the ClientService.xml file on each client to point it to the new server. If you'd like a simple VBS script that can accomplish this, email us at support@smartdeploy.com (and reference this DeployCentral thread), and we'll send it over.

SmartDeploy Support

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